SEEN Photo Workshop (€500/spot)


”Shoot less, capture more”

A 3-day photo workshop - available across Europe - packed with tons of practical tips that will transform the way you approach your photography, and you will learn how to see and capture those beautiful details that most people miss and how to simplify your composition to get killer shots whether it's in an urban environment or in the peaceful vibe of nature

Price: €500/person (3x spots per workshop)

Location: EU

Duration: 3x days (12 hours in total)

Note that payment can be made via PayPal, Revolut, N26, and Apple Pay as well

Day #1

30 mins intro & theory

We talk about the fundamentals of seeing the light, nailing the composition with each frame, how to capture a beautiful photo with a single shot, why walking away without taking a shot is sometimes preferable, and how to edit your photos before pressing the shutter button

2.5 hours shooting

All that smart talk about photography is being put into practice with the help of fun assignments while I'm an open book throughout the workshop, always available to assist you in capturing that next killer shot

1-hour photo editing

I guide you through my minimalist workflow with an emphasis on saving tons of time while importing my photos, culling, editing, and publishing them, including app suggestions that fit your needs, preferences, and budget, and finally, all the smart talk about the fundamentals of photography will make sense

Day #2

3 hours shooting

The fun assignments continue with the focus on shooting less and capturing more

1-hour photo editing

I reveal the best shots each participant took on day one, and I'll explain why I picked them, how I edited them, and how they can be improved

Day #3

2.5 hours shooting

A fun assignment where we all try to capture the same shots and the comparison allows us to see how dramatically each shot can be improved

1-hour photo editing

A review of the best shots taken during the 3 days workshop

30mins Q&A

This is the time to address any questions that you might still have to make sure you walk away only with answers and the confidence to take killer shots the next time you grab your camera


What photo gear do I need to attend the photo workshop?

You can use either a DSLR or a mirrorless camera, and a tripod can be handy as well (a workshop dedicated to mobile photography is also available)

What apps do you use for editing?

Photo Mechanic for culling (alternatively Adobe Bridge & FastRawViewer) & Photomator, Affinity Photo, and Adobe Lightroom for editing

I can't attend the workshop. Can I get a refund?

You can definitely get a refund, or you can participate in the next one


Photography has inspired me to travel the world in the past 18+ years. Through countless adventures - while living in 13 countries so far - my curiosity and passion for photography has made me go further than others and also made me push my creativity beyond what I had thought was possible.

Photography has become second nature in the process and a way to capture the beauty that's often hidden from the eyes. It brings me great joy to share my insights and experiences with others and witness how they can bring their artistic side into the world with careful nurturing and guidance.

My intention with this photo workshop is to gear you up with a new perspective and reveal the unlimited possibilities that are right within you.


“I was immediately impressed by the talent and beauty that Gyula’s art demonstrates. It’s the type of beauty that you want to share with others! His passion for art is further shown through his willingness to teach others effectively. My photography skills have improved from the first day of his guidance and continue to improve as he shares his wealth of knowledge and talent."

Susan Clark
Michigan, US

Got a question?

Feel free to drop me a message below if you have any questions and I’ll get back to you asap to clear up any confusion.

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